Eight O'Five Jive is among featured artists on Airplay Direct "GLOBAL RADIO SHOWCASE" Series Volume 3 - Blues, R&B & Jazz with their song 'I Won't Wear Flats To Your Funeral' from their sophomore album, "Swing Set."

Swing Set is #1 for the week of January 16th on the Top 50 Airplay Direct Radio Charts!

International Blues Challenge Semi-Finalists!

Eight O'Five Jive reached the semi-finals of both the 2016 and 2017 International Blues Challenge, representing the Nashville Blues Society.

We've won NIMA again!
Eight O'Five Jive is thrilled to win the "Best Blues Band" category of the 10th Nashville Industry Music Awards. This is our fourth NIMA in three years! There is a tremendous amount of talent in Nashville as the world well knows and being recognized by our community as one of the best is a huge honor that we don't take lightly. Thanks to all the voters!

2015 Blues Blast Magazine Award Nominee
New Artist Debut Album (Too Many Men)

Reviews of Swing Set

Our upcoming CD, Swing Set has already won an Earie Award from Ear To The Ground. It's our second Earie!

A feature article in Medleyville, music coverage for eclectic tastes.

"Relentlessly fun both musically and lyrically, this is a terrific release that you need in your party blues collection". - Mark Smith, Jazz & Blues Report March/April 2017

"Eight O'Five Jive keeps swinging their cares away with tight rhythms and a hep cat attitude that has no time for worrisome, downhearted blues. This one will be a guaranteed delight for all the cool chicks and chucks!" - Mark Thompson, Blues Blast Magazine

"Great album that'll make you happy and dance grooves and some moves!" - Peter Jacobs, Keysandchords

"Eight O'Five Jive is just my thing, and is the free-spirited, lively, and amusingly entertaining music I needed this month. I knew I had found the right band to get me through the January blues of 2017." - Donald Teplyske, Fervor Coulee - Roots Music Opinion

"Superb songwriting, immaculate musicianship and a true love for the music. A disc that you will not want to let slip through your fingers. This band captures the essence of a bygone era, perhaps better than any I have heard." - Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue

"In the tradition of Louis Jordan and Roy Milton And His Solid Senders, Nashville's Eight O' Five Jive are the epitome' of cool, especially when it comes to laying down vintage blues and R & B that jumps, jives, and wails right outta your speakers directly into your soul!" - Don Crow, donandsherylbluesblog

"Nashville-based jump/swing revivalists Eight O'Five Jive make the cut as our Surprise pick of the month with their new CD, Swing Set. It's party time!" - Bill Mitchell, Blues Bytes

"This infectious music will have you dancin' round the room. They're like a train; better jump on board." - Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene

"It's eleven tracks of cool, jazzy-flavored Jump Blues...and a lot of fun!" - George Willett, Suncoast Blues 12 Bar Rag

"Let me tell you something, even the grayest of days will be better if you listen to Eight O'Five Jive." - John Porter/Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint

"★★★★ Vocalist Lee Shropshire imbues swing and jump blues with plenty of sass and style...." - Duane Verh, RMR Roots Music Report

" solid, note perfect shelf throughout." - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review

"This band really has the feel of the era and creates a sense of being in the time. Very nice set." - Bman's Blues Report

"New swing in an old way, and old swing in a new way... Make room in your collection for this one" - Blue Barry, Smoky Mountain Blues Society

"Eight O'Five Jive have an effortless coolness about them. They seem to be in on the secret: How to become timeless like the music they play." - Brian Passey, The Spectrum

"★★★★ Folks who enjoy swinging music, big hair and highballs will dig this release." - Ricky Flake, Sun Herald

"Killer Singer! Killer Band! Killer CD!" - Mick Rainsford, Blues in Britain

"...a thoroughly delightful time trip back to before rock'n'roll... vocalist Lee Shropshire is right there with such belters as Big Maybelle, Little Esther and Memphis Minnie..." - Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly

"The East Side's own homegrown jump blues combo, Eight O'Five Jive, is jumpin' to the beat and kickin' up a ruckus with good reason." - Randy Fox, The East Nashvillian

"Eight O’Five Jive harken back to the late-’90s swing revival on Swing Set, keeping up that twirl-your-partner rhythm on a highly polished set of originals. The tight Nashville combo are fronted by Lee Shropshire, singing with sexy good humor of the pleasures of highballs and the ways of wayward men. Looking beyond the revivalists of two decades ago, Eight O’Five Jive connects with the honking saxophones and sharp-elbowed guitar solos of the original jiving jump bands of the 1940s." = David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express

Reviews of Too Many Men

"We need to catch our breath with this energetic ride dancing to the music from Eight O'Five Jive." - Liz Aiken, Blues Matters

"Eight O’Five Jive plays it with panache in their debut album 'Too Many Men'... will propel audiences out of their seats and onto their feet.” - Blues Blast Magazine

"Jump-Blues Masters...." - Stephen Trageser/Nashville Scene

"This band is much more than jump blues revivalists as Scheinman, Mosser, Bois, and Spencer nail each and every tune. They along with vocalist Shropshire are deserving of a little fuss. Get with Eight O’Five Jive." - Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene


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